To access the courses you must have an account created in

If you do not have an account created:

  1. Click on the button Login button that appears in the top menu

2. In the window that will open, click on the button Create an account

3. Fill in the registration form and click on the Register button and you will automatically enter the website with the username you have created.

Course registration

  1. Click on the image the course you want to enroll in (in the example “Chronic kidney disease and feline hypertension”).

2. Click on the Sign me up button

3. You will access the course/webinar. You will get the message “You are enrolled in this webinar/course” and some instructions. Within the instructions you will have a link to Zoom to view the webinar. You can also view it directly from the page itself in a pop-up window (we recommend viewing it through Zoom).

4. In the case of a past event, you will be able to view the video on site during the 15 days following the registration to the course.